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Things I love about Phuket

There is no other part on earth that I might refer to as 'haven' other than Thailand, Phuket. Work has been rather hectic and I have recently chose to take couple of months off to explore new places. I've gone to several places but nothing impresses me more than Phuket. 

If you ask me what is it specifically which makes Phuket so unique, I cannot be sure. People. Scenery. Culinary. Weather. I guess it is a variety of all. 

While most of the entire world has forgotten concerning the catastrophic tsunami that rocked Phuket in 2006, the same can not be said of the locals living in Phuket. I could observe that most of the locals are still traumatic of the fatal tragedy. But many have moved on with their lives. 

I've snapped few great shots while I was there and listed below are some of them. I'm sure it will offer you a peek of the last few remaining heaven in the world. 

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